John De Freitas Is All Set To Mesmerize With  “Walk in Love“, his first release, a gospel inspired album. Promoted by Musik and Film Records.

Whilst it is impossible to pin John down to one style, his music just drips with the exotic sounds and the exquisite vibes of his home in the Dutch Caribbean. After studying and teaching in The Netherlands he returned to Curacao, the sister island to Aruba where he was born and has since managed to combine his life in academic research with his love of music.

 Walk in Love is his first release, a gospel inspired album that wanders broadly in both style and language, John writes in English, Spanish, Dutch and even Papiamentu, a local island dialect. But at the heart of everything is his sonorous and lyrical baritone, a voice that even with the most energetic and vibrant song swirling around him remains the focal point. It is no surprise that John has sung and been coached by a number of different choirs on Curacao.

From here he covers a lot of musical ground, the title track is a smooth reggae piece Fuiste A MiEncuentro is a sweet salsa groover and He Has Done it All For Us is a devotional ballad. He also perfectly mixes the musical styles of the region with more mainstream sounds to create a sound that has the sass and energy of the former and the commercial appeal of the latter. The reason it is so hard to succinctly describe John De Freitas musically is that he seems to offer all things to all people.

With plans to record more and add Portuguese language songs to his repertoire, you can look forward to hearing a lot more from this multi-talented artist.