Doc-La, debutes #8 on Billboard Hot 40s Singles Chart. Promoted by  Musik Radio Promotions

 Doc-La is the epitome of that Tony Montana mentality. This dynamic and energetic rapper is about to rocket to stardom. With the confidence, determination, and power that he brings to the table, there is no doubt that the buzzing rap renegade will impact the urban music scene with his stunning and critically acclaimed debut single “Look What They Did”.

“My debut single ‘Look What They Did’ is about my trials and tribulations in the music industry, the ups and downs I had to go through to get where I am at now,” explained Doc-La.

The single “Look What They Did” is brash, bold and gritty. It’s head nodding Hip-Hop at its best! DJ’s are raving about the song and it is receiving outstanding feedback from notable industry executives and fans alike. The single will be accompanied by a cinematic music video.

Doc-La developed a reputation for delivering his own jaw-dropping music. He is known for creating steamy hot tracks that rock every club and street related back-to-back block burning singles. With his electrifying delivery and catchy rap style, Doc-La rivals some of the all time greats and his immense talent can’t be denied.

Doc-La is a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated urban music market and his sound and style refreshes the spirits of Hip-Hop in a way rarely seen. Being a doctor during the day working as a chiropractor and a rap hustler at night, Doc-La is offering something for everyone and every mood. His music is cinematic, motivational, memorable, exciting and passionate!

With a staunch at simply making good music, Doc-La is sure everyone will relate and love his sound, no matter what age they are. His diversity and marketability has already drawn in the music industry veterans and music fans alike and is growing exponentially.

Signed to his own indie powerhouse Eturnal Music Group, Doc-La is officially putting his Delaware stomping grounds on the map with his undeniable grind and extraordinaire personality.

You can’t help but look out for Doc-La