GREYE ‘s latest single, “So Far So Good” , has been heard all over the world in partnership with the radio plugging services offered by Musik and Film Radio Promotions Division. Now #1 on Euro Indie Charts and fast climbing the World Indie Music Chart

GREYE,  the Progressively Independent band from Daytona Beach, Florida. Breaking all of the so-called industry rules of musical “conformity” and cookie cutter cloning, now released new single, “So Far So Good”.

“What makes “So Far So Good” so enthralling is that lyrically it does favor a relationship scenario, but the song evokes numerous outcomes. I’m still cleaning up your mess, at least it’s getting clean, sings Summer, then singing talking like old friends. Her chorus structure, whereas sometimes she loops her own previously recording vocals, is I don’t know much anymore, but I know what I’m in for, so far so good, is brilliant. The duality and the synergy between Wolfe’s guitar and Summers’ fresh vocals is lighting in a bottle.”