With the premise of being transmitted from a derelict space station in the far reaches of the galaxy using instruments salvaged from a cargo bay and corroding electrical terminals, ‘A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer’ is the latest Prog-Rock offering  from Gandalf’s Fist.

Musik and Film Records and affiliate company, Musik Radio Promotions, will be promoting the album in a global radio campaign with the potential of reaching 150,000+ stations.

Those lucky enough to intercept the signal on their primitive terrestrial audio-decoders will be treated to a cosmic jam across space and time exploring a mythical figure from the 26th Century – ‘The Universal Wanderer’ – whose legend tells of a figure who has wandered the cosmos from the birth of existence to the end of time.

Even when caught out of time and stranded beyond the borders of a decaying Black Hole, you can still expect Gandalf’s Fist to deliver the goods with their unique brand of Medieval Space Rock! Tracks such as the epic doom-laden jazz of “The Nine Billion Names of God” fit perfectly alongside the anthemic choruses of “Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet” and the renaissance-whimsy of “The Battle for Tannhäuser Gate”, creating one of the most engaging albums to be recorded from the far side of the solar system.

Based in Cumbria UK, Gandalf’s Fist is the creative collaboration between Dean Marsh and Luke Severn. Having receiving fantastic reception for their previous two releases, both of which received the ‘album of the year’ award from Music Street Journal, the duo are now joined by a host of guest musicians from around the world with tracks from the release already being picked up by national radio stations.

Released via US Label Musik & Film, for more information and preview samples of the record can be found at www.gandalfsfist.com.

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