Musik and Film presents, Dustyy Lane’s, “Now It’s Christmas”.  A new holiday tradition played around the world.

A Christmas record from a self described “new-age band,” one which fluctuates between a sleek duo and a 10-piece ensemble complete with DJ and dancers, may not seem to be the usual option for a Christmas celebration song. But a quick listen to Dustyy Lane’s Now It’s Christmas from their Magical Christmas album quickly reassures you that you are in safe hands indeed, after all how could you not be with a band whose very mission is to provide music for every occasion.

It might be hard to imagine that there is anything new to bring to the Christmas song, so much ground has already been covered, but Dustyy Lane certainly find a way and Now It’s Christmas manages to combine tradition and mass appeal with modern pop sounds and humour. They merge the classic hallmarks of the Christmas song with a soulful, chilled yet infectious vibe, they stay true to the spirit of the holiday but also produce a song that goes beyond the seasonal sound.

The timeless Christmas scene that the song paints is so familiar to everyone but the musical vehicle that they use is very much of the here and now, a blend of slick electronica and shuffling dance beats but still with the more expected bells and brass touches woven through. Traditions are great to have but it also pays to look to the future rather than the past. Dustyy Lane have that special skill which enables them to offer both.