Seventeen year-old Dustin Walker’s exuberance for life is infectious as he exclaims on various posts on facebook, “All my rockin fans! I have missed you guys so much!! Thank you so much for all the new likes!! You guys are the best it means so much to me! I couldn’t do it without you all!

Dustin’s enthusiasm has brought him thus far as an accomplished musician, songwriter and actor with stage, film, and television experience. In March, Walker added record label and promotions deal to his long list of accomplishments by signing an international distribution and radio promotions package contract with Musik and Film Records.

Walker’s path was determined since the age of two, when Ronnie Grinel brought him on stage; as a result, Walker has been writing and performing ever since he can remember.

Walker may be chronologically young, but he has a maturity beyond his years. Much of this can be traced to his close ties with his family. His father, Jeff, a guiding force in his life says of his son, “The kid is a complete work-a-holic, not too many kids have this kind of drive”. Dustin’s deep affection for his family was reiterated in a facebook post recently exclaiming, “ How do you guys like my new hair color? Thank you Grandmum for doing my hair I love it!!! =) “

Walker has been playing guitar since the age of five, crafting original songs drawing from strong influences obtained in his experience performing with Grammy-Award-Winner Rick Springfield. Rick has said of Dustin, “I love being a part of someone’s life like that.” In 2010, Dustin performed onstage playing lead guitar for Rick Springfield who appears in the documentary film by Yellow Rick Road Productions about Springfield, An Affair of the Heart with the trailer featuring  Dustin at 1:59.

His label, MusikandFilm, have encouraged Dustin to team up with a variety of seasoned musicians/writers to hone his craft and to just have fun; And he has taken the advice to heart!

Dustin traveled to VA to play  at several venues.  Dustin led crazed performances at the 909 Saloon and the  Cheese Burger In Paradise in Fredericksburg with the Toby Fairchild Project. Dustin posted to his friends on facebook, “It was an amazing, rockin, late night!! We all worked very hard and did amazing!!”

Walker was invited to a writing session with Kevin Chalfant (Journey, The Storm, Survivor, Nelson, 707s), His pumped comments following said it all , “Had an amazing day in the studio with the great Kevin Chalfant we rocked it! I can’t wait for you guys to hear the new song!!”

Then it was a rush on to travel to Coal City, IL. John III of Platinum, a great cover band out of Chicago, requested Dustin to play a 30-song set of 70s and 80s, as the lead singer was out sick.  After learning some of the songs in the car on the way over to Gippers II, Dustin and Platinum Band were reviewed as having “one rockin’ night”! Dustin’s enthusiasm was evident as he posted to facebook, “Last night was one of the most rockin nights of my life!! I had such an amazing time being able to perform with The Amazing Rockin Platinum and the Great Brian Durbin from Love Blast! “

Dustin will be releasing an EP, ‘Between the Lines’, soon to be announced.

Dustin Walker does not take this place he has found in life  for granted. His love for life and people spill over and touches everyone – everywhere he goes.  He has a gift of spreading joy – and it is a gift that is sure to carry him – wherever he wants to go.

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