Carol Strickland signed a record and promotions deal with Musik and Film Records, a few short months ago.  ‘Good Intentions’,  Strickland’s,  EP was released  and Musik Radio Promotions began a campaign for the single, ‘Bitterness and Pain’.  The singer/songwriter’s song  immediately captured the attention of radio station managers across the globe including the BBC network and ECMA reporting stations.

Carol has went on to be critically acclaimed:

Stephen Wrench says of Carol, “he writes with honesty and sings with emotion. Carol draws you in as he tells his stories in song”.

” Without any pretentiousness, Carol Strickland  is true to his craft and easily demonstrates his compassion for each lyric, whether it concerns an abusive father in “Bitterness and Pain”, a love on the verge of being lost as in “Pouring Rain,” or an anthem of encouragement to givers in “Help Your Fellow Man. His “Good Intentions” project is a wonderful collection of a man who feels deeply for life, sings from the soul,and reminds all of us of our frailties and faith. It is his portrayal of faith and understanding of the struggle often to maintain it that sets Carol Strickland aside from other tune smiths.” Wayne Morton Operations Manager (Ret.)96.3 WGOG

Carol states, “After years of struggling to make it to the Country Radio airways and jacklegg promotion companies taking advantage of what money I had to spend. GOD brought me MUSIK AND FILM and I am more than satisfied. STEPHEN and Rhonda have truly brought this dream of mine to life. Being picked up by the BBC AND THE ECMA. Having more spins in 48 hours than I’ve had my entire music career.

Now playing on over 18,000 stations worldwide,  Carol can look forward to many more “spins” to come!