She’s no Sherlock Holmes OR even a cheap, Austin Powers knockoff, but in reality Bairu is a young, up-and-coming artist with plenty of worldly appeal.  Bairu’s debut single “How could you” will be submitted to 150,000+ radio stations globally by  Musik Radio Promotions.  Sky’s the limit for the highly talented Bairu!

Thanks in large part to her parents, Bairu was able to travel abroad to places like Europe and Asia while also soaking in all the fine cultures that this United States has to offer.  Her multicultural roots helped shape Bairu into the artist and person she is today.  Not to mention, Bairu is not just fluent in English but also Mandarin Chinese.  She prides herself in being a quality singer and a fine songwriter but Bairu also writes her own material, composes music and even dabbles in the area of co-producing.  So, diverse is her middle name and multidimensional is the name of her game!

Surrounded by music since she was a kid, Bairu can proudly say that she is hitting all the right notes today.  With the new single “How could you”, the California native invites you to a world full of heartfelt emotions that will cut right through you.  The song centers around a loving relationship that can never be and so the ironic tale will come to life right before your ears.  Bairu exhibits passionate vocals on the track while proving to have an incredibly delicate touch when it comes to singing.  The lyrics are personal to the point where “How could you” will satisfy the appetites of many and quench the thirst of loyal listeners everywhere.  The international recording artist brings world music to the forefront by drawing you in through romance and a melody to die for.

The 20-year-old musician is proud to announce that her YouTube account—BAIRUSTAR—has already received over 1,300,000 views while her Facebook page has over 116,000 fans from all over the globe!  Bairu is definitely experiencing success in the early stages of her career, so “How could you” NOT  get excited about the future of this young artist?  Just as Jack Handey supplied his “Deep Thoughts” on “SNL”, Bairu is digging deep to give you grounded & delicious fruits of her labor.  Bairu speaks from the heart, “There is nothing like good music to break down the artificial borders of this planet.  Music is very spiritual; it has the power to bring people together.”  Bairu has the power along with the proven success system behind her at Musik and Film and it’s no mystery at all that she is heading in the right direction.

By 2J Rae