The Jones Title is a genre-bending indie rock quartet formed in New York in 2018. Their sound marries a robust guitar attack reminiscent of the early 90s with clever lyrics that veer between grandiose and confessional. They have been mainstays at a variety of beloved NYC venues for years, cultivating a loyal following and developing a sound that has been described as a lovechild between Phoenix and Bruce Springsteen. While grateful for the praise, The Jones Title has no interest in “keeping up with the Joneses.” Untethered by the constraints of being cool or trendy, their sound leans toward the music they loved as kids of the nineties and early aughts, citing influences such as Jimmy Eat World, Soundgarden, Third Eye Blind, and Incubus.

Their forthcoming single She Don’t Know (available on streaming platforms 5/12) paints a lurid neon landscape of late night trysts and self deception in a world where we desperately want to connect but have no idea how. From the four on the floor thump of the intro through the searing guitar solo closing the song, the listener is in equal parts seduced and haunted as the lyrics ask  ‘How do we love, told that we need someone, but ‘don’t you dare want it too much’?

She Don’t Know is the first of a series of releases preceding their debut album titled Birkenhead Drill. Recorded over 9 months at a variety of venerable NYC studios,Birkenhead Drill addresses a wide range of topics: disillusionment, aging, disconnect in the connected age, but also the simple joy that comes from clarity and acceptance. The band hopes the record will resonate with listeners looking for a change from the trendy. What they promise is lyrical honesty, a wry hangman’s humor, and a whole lotta rock ‘n’ roll.

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