Jacksonville Florida’s very own, Intelligent Diva has been making a name for herself by way of her many talents. The entertainer is versed in singing, rapping, songwriting, acting, modelling and entrepreneurship. Her passion that led to the development of these skills began in her days singing in the church and community choirs. Her vocal wavelength and love for penning poetry sparked the idea of bringing all her talents together. This was the origin of Intelligent Diva and she has since added to the array of skills she encompasses.

Intelligent Diva has a voice that separates her from other artists in the industry. She not only possesses undeniable talent, but also does her own lead and background vocals. She fuses her sound over beats to channel her emotions through music. With inspirations from 90’s icons, Intelligent Diva merges the modern era with the past to create music that is fresh and artistic while still keeping it specific to her own style and touch. Hits she’s notable for span from her singles “Boyshorts,” “Submit to You,” “Lo Que Me Gusta,” “Ice Cream,” and “Sexy Walk.”


Intelligent Diva focuses on all of her music being original music. She doesn’t want any of her music to include sampling.  She is an artist who also doesn’t want to be placed inside of a box when it comes to a genre of music. The artist performs music which consist of the following music genre’s: urban, pop, rap, hip-hop-rap, jazz rap, r&b soul, reggae, dance, urban Latin. Since her roots are considered to be gospel, she will eventually record some gospel rap.


Intelligent Diva is a businesswoman as much as an artist. She owns her own label ‘Intelligent Diva Music’ which houses all her compositions. As part of her creativity the artist is involved in the production of her music from beginning.  There are times, where she records to a track created by a producer. However, there are times where she writes the song first. The artist can hear the melody that she wants to go along to the track and the flow of the verse. She heads to the studio, and sings and raps the melody, and builds the production of the song around it. The music composition is also a part of her creation, as she identifies every instrument that she would like to include in the song, what the intro should sound like, as well any in ramps or breaks in the song. She works with closely with two producers ‘s which are SFR Beats and Latin Grammy nominee Aaron Bing, who is also a jazz artist.  For each song, she has the idea for how she would like the song to be commercialized, also how she would like the live show to be, and what a remix would be sound like.  It’s the complete package.


The artist received a W.A.M Nomination in 2020 for Best Latin Single “Lo Que Me Gusta.” While she continues to elevate in the music industry, Intelligent Diva is set to make appearances on the big screen in 2021 under modeling, television, film, and acting agency, MTM. Having worked on the soundtrack for the Marc Cayce directed film, ‘Flint Tale’ and casted in the film “Only in the MIA” alongside the late Tommy Lister Jr, and Eleanor Joyce, Intelligent Diva is about to show her versatility when both films release in 2021.

Intelligent Diva recently released her four singles “No Justice” on 01/20/21, which is about flaws in the justice system around police brutality.  She gave her fans a pre-Valentine’s Day treat with “Operating Room and Not Making Love both the radio version and explicit version. Not Making Love (Edited version) Your Love is Dope and Work It Out Now.  All songs are currently charting, on the Top 100 World Indie Chart, Top 100 Europe Indie Chart, DRT Top 200 Independent Artist Chart, she is also on the Top 20 IRMIX Radio Countdown for Indie Artist.

Currently, the artist Intelligent Diva has teamed up with the artist Icy Lando on two remixes which features the major artist Sean Kingston which are scheduled to be release during the summer.  Her record label Intelligent Diva Music has joined forces under Musik and Film where she will be releasing her first single on June 8th, under the distributor the Orchard/Sony Music.


The artist feels like this is a great step in the right direction for her brand and her music. She wants to be here to stay for the long hall, where she is either on the front end or her work is being performed on the back end. She doesn’t mind being compared to the other artist. But she feels that her sound and style is different because of her diversity. She is a singer first and rapper second. However, she wanted to step outside of the box and release a few rap songs first. She writes all of her material, and performs all of the leads, background vocals the harmonies, and she also participates in the composition of the song. The artist owns all of her masters.

She isn’t a fan of social media because she likes to stay focus on her craft, and social media can sometimes affect you mentally. Therefore, the business model she prefers to use the most are business to business models which is most common when you want to gain more customers. She likes to call them cold leads.  You can listen and enjoy her music through discovery. Intelligent Diva has targeted an audience of the age group of 18 years of older. She indicates that in her music. Her music is about having a work-life balance, and keeping your relationship hot and spicy. Also have self-confidence. The UK calls her the Queen of Sexy Rap, and she definitely lives up to the name.

5 Things You didn’t know about Intelligent Diva:

1)Intelligent Diva, mentions boss chick and talks about being a boss in her songs because that is what she is. Outside of music, she is a software test lead, a board president, supervisor, and founder of her own business.

2)Intelligent Diva also loves the following, art, landscaping, and interior decorating.

3) Intelligent Diva is also a hairstylist. She attended Jacksonville Beauty Institute in Jacksonville, Florida and obtained her Hair braider’s license. Her goal was to make to start a business where she could make wigs for cancer patients and people who were dealing with severe alopecia.

4) Intelligent Diva is a technical professional where her greatest accomplishment was winning the IT Excellence Award. This meant a lot to her because she experienced a lot of negativities once she was placed in position of a software test lead role.  The negative comments hit hard, because of the content and how it was delivered. It made her feel like she was living the role of Hidden Figures. So that was huge accomplishment for her.

5)Intelligent Diva has her own publisher company. One of the goals for this when she is creating an album or EP, she would like to create commercial packages where the entire album or EP could be licensed to production companies to use in film and television.

One of her favorite quotes:

My passion is music. But stability is my primary focus right now. Therefore, she is corporate professional by day, and a different person when she does music. Intelligent Diva is her entertainment alter ego, where she is merged both who Chincia is and Intelligent Diva into one person. Therefore, when people say to her, that she’s different at work. She says that she’s live on stage for 8 hours as Chincia at work. But, when it comes to music, acting, and modeling, she exits the stage at work as Chincia and becomes Intelligent Diva.

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