Growing up with 8 brothers and sisters on a farm in Vancouver, Washington can make one growing up a little crazy. Hope Arden’s quirky imagination and loveable approach to songwriting is to keep it real even when the topic matter is all heart and a tad off-kilter. This makes the new single “Meant For Life” an appropriate first outing for Hope. Incidentally, “Meant for life”, was born from watching her ole school classmates faun over every new movie star every other week.   She would often chuckle at how serious they took their serial fandom. You could never say a bad thing about any of their future candidate poster-star husbands or wives. This could risk your banishment to the unfriend zone or labeled as a traitor! From a different angle, the song does set a deeper mood of real sincerity where the innocence of youth and chasing after dreams is not a bad thing at all. It is a natural human thing. We are all guilty in some way of being big dreamers and that is totally acceptable at any age.

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