Eline Fleury is a singer, songwriter, performer, and pianist. As a mother and entrepreneur, she has learned how to be strong and resilient, not just in her life but with her music too. She uses her life events, surroundings, and society she lives in to create music that touches the soul.

Eline Fleury’s debut album, ‘This Woman,’ can be considered her own autobiography, as she says, with tracks such as “Here I am” and “Our Father.” All nine tracks are meant to extract a visceral reaction from the listener. They evoke feelings of love, absence, respect, and dignity. Every song is meant to highlight a certain something, from the struggle of women to the power of dreams.

“This Woman” has been written by Eline and produced also by her with the help of three professionals from Africa and Haiti. The songs are a mix of afro-beat, afro-jazz, afro-pop, and influences like Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. With the combination of unique sounds, heartfelt lyrics, and spirit, the album is guaranteed to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, happiness, and hope.

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