Fun Facts: Kirbie’s song “Jr. High” was  featured in a movie ,Ask Me Anything with actors Brit Robertson, Justin Long, Christian Slater, and Martin Sheen.

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Kirbie is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player from the DC metro area. “Jr. High,” a song off her first album released in 2010, was featured in the award winning film, Ask Me Anything starring Britt Robertson, Justin Long, Martin Sheen, and Christian Slater. Ask Me Anything later won Best Soundtrack at the Nashville Film Festival. Kirbie has grown as an artist since then and is ready to share herself with the world. Her upcoming album, “Melon Soup,” combines playful yet thought-provoking lyrics with a blend of pop, soul, and jazz to make a sound that is all her own.Written by Kirbie Rose Parker. Produced by Jason Kearse and Johnnie Kearse III. Recorded by Matt Hinshaw. Mixed and Mastered by Matt Hinshaw and Johnnie Kearse III. Check out her website for upcoming performing dates!

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