Fun Facts: Mysterious crashed the auditions for ‘Making of Da Band 2’ on the MTV Network to win the final cast member spot. She made it through 75,000 competitors to the final 12.

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At the tender age of 5, Kimberly  was told by her mother not to open the door for anyone, or to go outside. Ms. Robinson told her these things before leaving Kimberly  in a project home alone with one older brother age 6, and younger sister age 4. Mysterious and her siblings occupied the adult-less apartment where there was no food for weeks.

But after Kimberly was promised food from McDonald’s by the local cops (who were called by neighbors who found out the children were home alone). Kimberly  opened the front door with intentions on getting food for herself and siblings. Little did Kimberly  know her life would change forever as she and her siblings were swept off into the Foster Care system.

Instantly, Kimberly became the mother hen for her younger sister’s fears and anxiety as they waited for a family who would adopt Kimberly and sister together.  Up until this present day, Kimberly still questions the true motives of her Adoptive Mother who brought the sisters into her beautiful home of the strong Jehovah Witness doctrine.

 This new life style felt like a refuge for Kimberly  as she excelled in the youth ministry keynote expressions and writing (theocratic ministry school). Soon, Kimberly would secretly write about her being victimized by her male adult adoptive cousin who would molester her at night, who lived in the home. And to make matters worse, Kimberly   would be punished and beaten by her Adoptive Mother for expressing her pain to her Adoptive Mother who was in denial of her own adult molesting grandson’s dark habits. Her response would always be, “What happens in this house, stays in this house.”

Despite her dark secrets at home, Kimberly would blossom into a competitive elementary, and middle school athlete and a more competitive poetic lyrical writer. She would write about passion and pain inspired by the lyrics of Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Left Eye, Scarface, etc.

As her Tom Boy edge blossomed because she felt it would keep her predator away from her, it caused her peers to refer to Kimberly as ‘Weird’. Kimberly opened a dictionary to discover that ‘Mysterious’ is one of the definitions characteristics used to describe the meaning of ‘Weird’. She would now use the moniker ‘Mysterious’ as she would dazzle the local rap Ciphers becoming the fan’s favorite around her hometown of Detroit, MI.  But Mysterious would face more insurmountable circumstances after she was sexually assaulted while still attending middle school. 

Back and forth abuse in the home of Mysterious caused the neighborhood to get involved which made her foster parent move them to Greensboro, NC. This did not stop the abuse, so Mysterious now mother of a son and her younger sister were put out and homeless because Mysterious spoke up. Her foster mother sent them back to Detroit with only $300 and no place to live Mysterious her sister and child were homeless in the streets of Detroit for 8 months, before authorities  placed them in other foster homes,  and girls homes. Mysterious ends up meeting a Artist in the group Divine who introduced Mysterious to D-Moët who lived in Teaneck NJ.

Later, Mysterious runs away from the girls home to Teaneck, N.J., to follow her dreams on being a hip-hop star. Mysterious spent time inside the studio with Hip Hop producer D-Moet ( ‘Hate Me Now’ Puff Daddy and Nas, Foxy Brown, J-Lo Snoop Dogg and etc). But with the intention on getting her son back, and sister out of bad company Mysterious would return back to Detroit where she would land a steady waitress gig at a well known Hip Hop open mic lounge called C-Note.

With a room full of local rap artist, Mysterious would privately tell the Open Mic host ( Proof from D12 )of the lounge that all of the rap artist were ‘wack’. To Mysterious’s surprise, the open mic host invited her to perform on stage without warning where she crushed all of her male and female competition that night. She used her hurt, anger, and pain to rise to the occasion.

Mysterious went on to become Detroit’s best female rapper of the year for the next two years. With the local notoriety build up for the demand of Mysterious’s lyrics, her fate would unfold when Puff Daddy’s #1 Hit Reality Show ‘Making of Da Band 2’ who would seek new talent in Detroit, MI.

While the day would pour down buckets of rain, Mysterious and her flip flop sandals would crash the auditions for ‘Making of Da Band 2 in the nick of time where she would win the final cast member spot and be chosen to compete on season 2 of ‘Making of Da Band’ on the MTV Network.  She made it through 75,000 competitors to the final 12. 

There is so much more to this Mysterious story. Please hold on to your seats because her story isn’t over yet, it’s just begun.

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