A circle of friends. Musicians sharing a passion.Crafting songs we love. In Switzerland.


FREUNDE, named being the German for “friends”, is a project centered around Zurich based Heiko Freund and LA’s Daniel Schwarz, both producers and musicians in their own right but more interested in exploring the American songwriting tradition than merely furthering their own agenda.



The beauty of FREUNDE is that it is a loose collective rather than a band, one where a musically eclectic and ever-shifting group of singers, songwriters, musicians and engineers move through its ranks in the pursuit and celebration of Americana, Nashville Pop and Country Rock sounds. This ever-fluid approach means that things remain fresh and fun and as the line-ups change different combinations of talent and ideas, musical outlooks and past experience are jumbled together in new and exciting ways to release two finely crafted songs twice a year, digitally, but in the format of a classic A/B single.

FREUNDE also have an interesting public persona, preferring to be represented as a cartoon and thus putting ego firmly to the back of the project and the music to the fore: the characters Bear, Annie, Billie-Joe along with Fletcher, a Great Dane dog, pursue their fortune as a band in an ongoing story, honoring the great comic book tradition.

And what great music it is too. MY HEART IS A HOUSE and B-side PROBABLY MAYBE are warm and breezy country-pop songs which can’t help to put a smile on the listeners face. They jangle and pop and groove sweetly, but being an Old World take on the New World sound they neatly avoid the clichés and find their own mid-Atlantic middle ground. If you love some country songs with sweet pop topping and great harmonies, you will love MY HEART IS A HOUSE!

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