Halcyon Days

In Greek Mythology, Alcyone threw herself into the sea upon hearing of her husband Ceyx drowning in a shipwreck. The Gods were so moved they transformed them both into Halcyon Birds and henceforth calmed the seas each year to allow Alcyon to safely tend to her nest.

Many authors including; William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Thomas S. Eliot, to name a few have conjured the essence of Halcyon Days to calm the seas in the storm of life in their works. David Simmons in his original prose put to music in the song “Halcyon Days”, describes a moment of awareness where past, present and future exist simultaneously and time as we know it disappears.

Rock, Pop , AC , defies genralization


From the first verse of “Halcyon Days” – “Get drunk in the vision, it’s your show, a star in a melodrama” – David points out, yes we are stars in the heavens and in our lives and ask the question what part are you? In your Halcyon Days what act is the one that brings the most meaning to your life?

The song is reminiscent of The Doors in the use of the hypnotic guitar and bass lines by Esa Lehti which lay the foundation for the drama in the vocals by David Simmons. Andy Camp wraps it up in 60’s retro space and time in the production.

It’s not just a song…..It’s a trip in your “Halcyon Days”

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