Are numbers more important than talent? 

Musik and Film Promotions has been proactive in their approach to help artists get heard. These days it takes a multi-faceted approach.

Before the digital age,  record labels and Industry professionals cared about talent. In these days of digital, however, it takes both talent and numbers. If Michael Jackson or Fleetwood Mac were at the start of their careers, no one would ever hear or discover them if their numbers were not adequate by today’s standards and they had no radio airplay.

The numbers I am referring to are YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Spotify plays – plus followers onTwitter, Facebook and a plethora of other social media outlets. These numbers dictate if Pandora, Sirius, Spotify and others add you on their preferred playlists. It determines your google ranking. These numbers also dictate if a booking agent or a venue wants to give you performance gigs.

Today the only real income an artist can expect is from live performances and merchandise. The days of record sales are over. Streaming? Unless your streams are in the millions do not expect any real income from this.

If you want to perform outside of your hometown you must have your numbers. The higher the numbers, the better chance you will be able to get performances outside of your home base for more money. You also need radio airplay in the areas you want to perform in. Let’s face it, if Michael Jackson and Fleetwood Mac were beginning their musical career today they would not go anywhere without good numbers and radio airplay.

Musik and Film Promotions have been proactive in their approach to help artists get heard and help them be able to tour outside of their home base. Contact us to set up your promotions plan and get heard.