To break into the music industry, some artists toil for years. But, what if to make it big on Spotify, you can bypass these steps entirely?  According to a new advertisement in the Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper, “paying to play” is easier than ever.  Musik Radio Promotions can now offer this service.

The Kyiv Post explains,

“Spotify is an online platform that helps you connect with millions of users online.  You can buy Spotify plays in order to gain some plays from your new streaming videos and tracks.  Not only this, but you can also gain revenue and popularity by using the Spotify plays feature if you gain royalty for your music.”

 “Buying Spotify followers is the best way to connect with your fans and followers… you can buy Spotify followers to boost your secret of success to add more fans and followers to your list.”

These services provide “100% active followers” from almost any country, including countries like Andorra, Austria, France, the UK, Spain, and many more.  **

Artists are taking advantage of Spotify’s system: more plays equals more validation, which results in premium playlist positions.  That, in turn, attracts actual listeners.

It’s a win-win.

Contact us today to develop your promotions plan.

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