Amsterdam’s, EDM artist, Damien Force, on Top 10 Euro Indie and DRT charts, released by Musik Radio Promotions worldwide.

As with all established genres, finding something new to do with already familiar building blocks is the difference between moving stridently forward and merely treading water. Damien Force has found a brilliant way of doing that and his music does nothing less than celebrate the history of dance music, infusing the timeless sounds of Motown, funk and soul with the slick and sassy strut of the digital age.

It offers both soothingly familiar sounds and cutting edge experimentation as it meanders between contemporary dance floor commerciality and the ingrained soulfulness of a more honest time and it does nothing less than own the genres it splices together.

And in a genre where natural vocal talent is often seen as nice but not essential his confident, soulful and resonant tones come as a welcome change from the chirping pop crooners that we usually are being presented with.

This Amsterdam based House DJ already has a number of achievements to his name, remixes by everyone from Freemasons to Ron May and has collaborated the great and the good of the genre, not least of all with Bob Sinclair and David Guetta. His tracks get regular rotation from the tastemakers of the dance world and now he seems to have conquered its select tastes the time is right to take on the wider world.

Damien Force is nothing if not forward thinking. He may blend the same House beats and dance grooves as his rivals but the way he approaches the task shows that he is less interested in competing for space in the current market and more concerned with writing the next chapter of Electronic Dance Music.  Where Is Your Love? is a brilliant calling card for his forward thinking creativity. It matches space and atmosphere with dynamics and drama; it contains both restraint and energy and is a glitchy, shimmering glimpse as to where music goes next.