Andy Michaels Ft. Kerry Ironside releases Angel.

Singer and songwriter Andy Michaels continues to amaze the music world. His artistic charm has unfolded once again upon the release of the single Angel. The track features the vocal expertise of music legend Kerry Ironside. Known for his theatrical melodies and endearing lyricism, Andy Michaels’ passion for music began shortly after surviving a serious car accident during his teenage years. It was during this time that he began to study the guitar and this method of healing soon unlocked a fountain of creativity.

The Australian artist he has written, recorded, and released more than 100 songs, which have earned him an immense following from people of all walks of life. Michaels is greatly admired for the compassion he reveals in prose and verse. With his music constantly being played all around the world in over 70 countries.

Angel is a very powerful song and a tremendous production that brandishes superb song structure. The track begins with the soulful voice of Kerry Ironside and acoustic guitar measures. As the song progresses this organic composition evolves into a gospel-pop masterpiece. The bright orchestration of harmonies from a backing choir and a very serene fill of classical instrumentation, strings, and primal drumming work to embellish a heavenly spirit all of its own accord. Andy Michaels has certainly bestowed an exuberating experience for the enjoyment his listening audience in the form of Angel.

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