Alina Duwe, ‘Clouds In My Hair’, reaches 40,000 stations with Musik Radio Promotions


Alina Duwe, ‘Clouds In My Hair’, reaches 40,000 stations with Musik Radio Promotions

Alina Duwe - Clouds In My Hair

It’s official: Alina Duwe’s first single is out: Clouds In My Hair.  And it is out with a bang - Alina’s single has broke all previous records being picked up by 40,000+ stations in 5 days with Musik Radio Promotions.

She’s young, she’s pretty, always a smile on her lips and she’s blessed with a voice that’ll go under your skin: Alina Duwe, a university student from Waiblingen by Stuttgart (Germany). Since fall 2012 her unforgettable voice is known to millions. During the second season of the casting show „The Voice Of Germany“, the country girl sung herself into the hearts of all the viewers. And now she’s back with her first single „Clouds In My Hair“ which is, as of now, available in all download-shops.

Right along with the rising temperatures the song gives us the long-awaited for summer and sun feeling. „Clouds In My Hair mirrors exactly what I’m feeling“, the artist reveals. „And also the melody really grabbed me the first time I heard it – I hope the listeners will feel the same!“

And those listeners will have (depending on their musical preference) a choice, because „Clouds In My Hair“ was  recorded twice, once in a classical country- and once in a modern pop-version.

The song was written by Rolf Schnyder and Michael Max McGee,  and produced in collaboration with Jason Garner Production in Nashville. The vocals were recorded in Andy Horn’s studio in Germany. „Clouds In My Hair“ managed the top 30 in the Australian Songwriting Competition in 2012.

Even though Alina Duwe has never taken professional singing lessons, her path to music was predestined: thanks to her dad she was constantly exposed to music by Garth Brooks and Lonestar. „Severals years later, through listening to the Dixie Chicks, my love for country music really began to bloom“, says Alina. Later on she recorded her first CD at her local youth centre. The positive feedback encouraged her to go on: she’s been playing the piano for the past 13 years and writes her own songs.

During „The Voice Of Germany“ Alina met the Austrian Yvi Szoncsò, who lives and works in Stuttgart. A meeting that was definitely worth it: two memorable duets have emerged and are available for enjoyment on her website and on Youtube.

There will be much news to come of Alina – so stay tuned.


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