When I was just  little

I asked my mother

What will I be

Will I be a Indie artist

Will I be rich

Here’s what she said to me


If you want to be an indie artist you have to be a little daft. It’s a hard road to go down when only a few see the light.

But before you decide, ask yourself – can you make a loud room quiet? Being one myself, that has been there and done that,  can you make the hair stand up on their arms? Does the story you wrote make them smile and cry? It takes a lot more than just being able to sing or perform a song. It takes a creator, an innovator – one who is not afraid to break new ground. It takes invention and reinvention. It takes a gift that very few have. The gift to move people with their words and their music. If you have that,  at least you have a fighting chance because like I said,  it’s a long road that few make it down.

Beyond being good you can either be very lucky or very smart. Lucky is easier, but do you think you can find an angel investor to help get your career off the ground? Beause you have to record, produce, manufacture merchandise, pay for radio promotion, pr, booking agents. It all costs money if ya don’t have an angel with at least 100 grand then you better be very smart. Smart meaning,  research the business you are in,  I mean really research it .

Develop a business plan to include marketing. Even if you don’t have the thousands behind you – you can do this if you plan the right strategy and if that doesn’t work – try a new strategy.

Because if you can make the hair stand up on their arms, make them smile, cry and feel what you created, if you can move them –   You got it.

Stephen Wrench

President, Musik and Film


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