The sky’s the limit for Star Blazers with new single, Don’t Let It Rain!  Promoted by Musik & Film Records, the song’s contagious hook has caught on and is charting on Top 40 DRT and Top 20 Euro Charts!

Throw around the term pop rock and the mind initially goes to some sort of middle of the road, fashion-driven dross that neither delivers the immediacy of the former nor the integrity of the later. But what if there was a way of taking the instant hook and inherent melody of a pop approach and weld it onto a driving, urgent and robust rock vehicle. Surely anyone who could do that would be carried head high through the streets, would be called saviors, the rainmakers of this current music drought, would be regarded as heroes and brave cross-genre gene splicers of the modern musical age. Or if you are looking for a more modest title you could just call them Star Blazers.

This Rhode Island musical gang throw infectious and outright contagious hooks, beat stomping rhythms, fabulous melodies, fantastic lyrics, powerful vocals, electrifying guitars, driving bass, thunderous drums and great harmonies into the melting pot and come out with a strain of music, which coupled with the radio promotional skills of Musik and Film, should see them quickly becoming the latest band that everyone is talking about.

Rock has the ability to add substance to the often-vacuous nature of modern pop and in turn pop has the ability to sneak rock attributes through the guarded barricades the genre often builds for itself and on to more fertile and lucrative pastures. No one knows this better than Starblazers. No one puts this into practice better than Starblazers.

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