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August 27, 2013
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Australia’s talented,  18 yr old Tamika, brought her powerhouse voice to the USA this past year and recorded her first EP with the team at Musik and Film Productions. ‘This Is Who I Am’  currently has 11,000+ stations playing Tamika’s music around the world steadily gaining fans.

It’s not surprising considering since the age of nine, when this vibrant young lady opened her mouth to sing all would stop to listen and be in awe of a voice that sounded way beyond her years.

Tamika has been herald as having a “charismatic charm with a voice that leaves audiences wanting more”.

“Thank you Musik and Film for giving us a heads up on this magnificent young songstress from Australia. Isn’t she marvelous!” Shasona Senior DJ & founder.

“Tamika is the real deal…I would put her up against any of the best female singers out there! I’ve had the pleasure to tour with Fergue from the BlackEyePeas, Haley from Paramore and many more and she is just as great if not better than all of them.”-Jon Wilkes Tour Drummer ( Red Jumpsuit Apparatus/Secondhand Serenade)

“Tamika has the potential to be the next Kylie Minogue”. Barry Conlon

“Tamika, Without a doubt is the best singer I have ever worked with”. Terry Nails ( Ozzy Osbourne)

“Tamika has a huge voice and can make anything sound good. The world needs to hear Tamika”. Stephen Wrench (Former VP of RCA Records)

“Finally a record worth listening to”. Danny Boy (House of Pain).

Recently, Tamika introduced her first video for ‘Reason To Get Even’.

Tamika has been traveling Australia performing and has plans to come to LA in October, where she will work with Musik and Film’s, Terry Nails and Jon Reshard.

This is one voice and one young lady that will be heard!



Tamika, ‘This Is Who I Am’, builds global fanbase with Musik and Film Promotions

June 4, 2013
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Super-talented, Tamika, has not let any grass grow under her feet since traveling to the USA to record her debut EP, ‘This Is Who I am” with the Musik and Film production team.

Since it’s debut to worldwide radio by Musik Radio Promotions, Tamika, has picked up thousands of stations all over the world consistently appearing on the Musik and Film Wall of Success.  Tamika is appearing on many charts around the world and even co-hosted radio programs.

Tamika and her ever faithful mum, Louise, traveled 10,000 miles around Aussie land in promotion of the EP.  She now has her first video, ‘Reason to Get Even’. which is in the Beat100.

Tamika also will be appearing soon on Australia’s Got Talent.

Watch out – Here comes Tamika!


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