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Josef Haid chronicled in Tracks Magazine!

September 15, 2015
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Musik Radio Promotions artist, Josef Haid, was recently publicized in Tracks Magazine’s 2015 issue. Tracks is a german magazine publication highlighting music of several different genres! Josef Haid & His Band are found on page 44! Here is the english translation, and the original link is found here! Congrats to Josef Haid for the great press!

Josef Haid & Band
“Dreams come true“
“Following two (not publicly available) CDs with covers of „Wonderful tonight“, “Still got the blues“, Johnny B. Goode“ Josef Haid presents his new album “Dreams come true”… with 12 songs of laid back Pop & Rock songs with a bi of Blues. What you hear is a bit of Chris Rea (without his scratchy voice), Eric Clapton and Gary Moore arranged with catchy Sax, Guitar leads and some Hammond Organ Sounds. Overall „Dreams come true“ presents pleasing music with highlights (Giving more of my love, No way out, Trust again) and reading worth lyrics about the unevenness of life”. 
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Josef Haid Rocks Out Swiss Interview!!!

August 11, 2015
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Josef Haid, from Switzerland, had an awesome radio interview in Interlachen where they featured 4 of his songs on the air, one of which was a live acoustic performance!! Be sure to check out the interview and the performances here!! (The interview is in Swiss German, but the performances are in english. As an added bonus, the link includes a youtube video to a 20 minute compilation video of a CD release concert! Do you want to do radio interviews for YOUR music? To reach new fans around the world? Check out what our Musik Radio Productions team can do for you, here!!!

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