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Major Artists Continue to Express Distaste for Major Labels

September 22, 2015
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Win Butler, front man of Arcade Fire, was recently interviewed by The Independent and he had some things to say about the state of the major label music industry today, and those responsible for it.

In an effort to  help find ways to change the music industry for the better, Arcade Fire became involved with the launch of Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service. The service itself has mostly failed to take off due to mishandling that Butler claims are due to the major labels themselves. He states:

“The major label music industry has completely ruined every aspect of their business. At every step of the way they’ve had the tools offered to them to create an industry that works, and they’ve completely blown it. That’s why we never had any interest in signing a contract with one of these companies because they’re clearly completely clueless.” 

Arcade Fire is an excellent example of independent artists who have put in the the time, the talent, and the focus to treat themselves like a business and work their way to the top. Founded in 2001, Arcade Fire formed as an indie Canadian band between two classmates and went on to release their debut album “Funeral” in 2004, a little over a decade later they are one of the biggest indie bands in the world all due to handwork and perseverance.

Arcade Fire is able to see the forest for the trees, and they are trying to help save the forest that is the music industry. They can tell that the Majors are grasping at straws trying to keep the industry afloat and they’re so far entirely unsuccessful. Musik and Film Records has been ahead of the Majors for years, empowering the indie artist with the tools they need to take their music to the next level! If you want YOUR music heard around the world on over 250,000 stations? Then contact the Musik Radio Promotions team today to start YOUR promotional campaign!!!

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