Sandy T.’s “Fall 4 You” charts top 10 with worldwide Musik Radio Promotions services.

She’s a veteran of the game, but this is a performance that shows us she’s both wise and fresh with her creative output. Official Fame Mag

If you’re only just now finding out about the music of Sandy T, there’s no excuse not to give her new single “Fall 4 You” a listen as March gets into full swing. This has been a hit and miss year for much of the pop community, and on the indie side of the table, I think that what Sandy T is presenting herself as artistically stands as one of the bolder and more intriguing looks of any to have come to my attention as a critic or fan all year long. Melody Maker

She’s got a tonal wit that is both elegant and never exaggerated in “Fall 4 You,” Indie Pulse

You can tell just by the potency of her poetic emissions in the new single “Fall 4 You” that singer/songwriter Sandy T isn’t messing around in this latest release to bear her name in the byline. She’s assertive, venomous even, and every word she utters is meant to hit us like a ton of bricks, all at once. Hollywood Digest

It’s mostly usual for many singers to stay in their lane. Sandy T is not one of them. she is extremely versatile. Her strengths and her ability to reach back and throw in soul over some rock are her signature in this business. On stage, she pours it out. “Sandy T. delivers a soulful performance with a passion for performing and a driving inspiration from legends like Aretha Franklin and bands like Heart.” ..Lyrics and Threads.

“Fall 4 You was written during the pandemic,  when I thought all hope was lost on finding love again after my marriage ended.   I wanted to write about this feeling when you meet someone new after the big fall when redemption hits and hope isn’t lost and you feel trusting again.  I wrote about love feeling like lightning striking your heart and body, the shooting stars representing their love as you fall for them.  It just overflowed into my lyrics and the melody.”

“The song developed by only sending the top line melody and lyrics with a clicktrack) to the UK dynamic Famed Duo, Rob Manzoli and Sue Brooks,  P-Funk UK.  I luckily landed their willingness to a  partnership on this track, and we proceeded to co write together. They set out to producing/mixing and composing the music to the toplines,  Rob Manzoli, amazing musician and his partner Sue who is a top producer engineer/writer,  put the music to my vision.”

“We all loved soul and funk and it doesn’t hurt he rocks on guitar and everything else,  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  We went back and forth over the pond between the states and the UK,  Dani Sinatra aka ( Elleinad )  engineered my vocals here in the states and brought her melodies and ideas as well for this soul infused track.” Sandy T.

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