Phnom Penhs activist band Krom releases song Lil Suzie depicting the world of prostitution and human trafficking.Band Kroms singers ( sisters) grew up in Phnom Penhs most notorious hooker / drug quarter – The White Building.  They were able to further avoid the pitfalls of the hooker world by joining Cambodian Living Arts at age 12. Every girl deserves opportunity and the sisters are now stars in their own right.

Lil Suzie is the 6th KROM song to describe the tragedy of the ever growing sexual slavery industry in South East Asia where young girls are coerced into prostitution through poverty, kidnappings, violence or even sold to sex traders by family and how they subsequently very quickly become addicted to amphetamines so that they can tolerate the horror of their lives as they are forced to provide their”service “to as many customers each day. Lil Suzie describes the despair and pain of one such “hooker “as she walks down a path of no return to an early grave. Written by KROM composer-songwriter Christopher Minko, Lil Suzie is based on a series of photographs by Jonathan Van Smit whose groundbreaking series of photos show the harsh reality behind the life of a prostitute in South East Asia.

Kroms new cd is available digitally at every music site on the planet entitled Mekong Delta Blues available on Musik and Film Records. The single Lil Suzie is depicts the world of human trafficking and drug abuse.

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