Fuser, signed with DoIt Management, recently partnered with Musik Radio for radio promotions.
Musik Radio Promotions began a global radio campaign with Fuser’s latest single, Late December. It came as no surprise as it was instantly snapped up by the BBC for airplay.
Taken from Fuser’s second album “World Of Make Believe” , Late December  is a departure from the familiar Fuser sound branching out into Alt country, Blues, Pop.
The song epitomizes the soul when you know feelings in a relationship are not right and you have to go through the agonising talk with the other half of your broken relationship to announce that it is to be no more.
With the lyric “I can’t remember what was said that night, but I realize there’s no place for me in your life” sets the tone and scene for the song.
The track was recorded, originally to be used as a back up filler song on the bands second album but after the recording process was finalized the producer and band alike recognized that they had just recorded and produced something extraordinary.
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