Malaysian native, Khylune, after speaking with Stephen Wrench decided on a whim to fly to Jacksonville, Florida to record with Musik and Film Production Team. The mission was to write a few songs together. The conversation in the studio turned to China. Wrench related, “When I was a kid all the trinkets and cheap junk was made in China and now its the opposite . China has become an industrial giant. So we began writing a song “Made In China” . The afternoon turned silly while recording and one of the writers, Skye Bailey along with Khylune became so fatigued that the comic relief started. The two paired up for 15 minutes making up “on the spot” innuendos and the word, “Chinglish” was born!

“Khy was such a joy to work with”, says Charlton,”the creative juices just kept flowing”.

The hit single was released to worldwide airplay by Musik Radio Promotions and  picked up by the BBC network for airplay in minutes.

We dare you to watch this video – it will be in your head!!




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