Musik and Film is now partnering with grammy award-winning Al Walser! Musik Radio Promotion’s artists will now be submitted to Walser’s US Top 20 Countdown show for consideration. This includes potential airplay on additional radio stations worldwide. . Musik and Film artists will receive reviews and possible charting on Top 20.

Al produces the show out of Los Angeles, and it airs  every week,  counting down the Top 20 songs in the US.

The first week of 2022 included these Musik Radio Promotion’s artists, Jason Shand, Smokie, and Bobby and The Crew.

The Petty Narcissist by Jason Shand The Petty Narcissist, a collection of very personal songs that traffic in his interpersonal relationships with family, friends, and paramours, as well as some soul searching.

Lay Back in the arms of Someone (Remastered) by Smokie. Finally the biggest hits of legendary british band Smokie are back with a brilliant new mastering. These classics now sound better than ever.





Conqueror of Love by Bobby and the Crew. Bobby And The Crew is an upcoming Norwegian pop and rock group with Bobby Benton as a leader and songwriter.





Here is this weeks show and countdown!

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