Miky – pure passion in tone, sound and melody. Just one of the recent acclamations to violinist, Miky of Germany.  The resounding acclaims have been pouring in since his release to worldwide campaign with Musik Radio Promotions.
Euranet, the European Radio Network, an amalgamation of international, national, regional and boasting 26 professional radio stations and 10 campus radios reaching a daily audience in excess of 15 million listeners,  immediately requested an interview.

The composer and star violinist has ripe experience and a very impressive resume. Miky’s career began very early. At the age of 5 he began a private musical training as a violinist. After the first exam was followed the education in the Lyceum of Music by George Enescu in Bucharest for exceptional musical talents. A subsequent study on the University of Bucharest and the Artist Diplom in Essen-Germany were won after years of study. After several wins in international competitions, responsible jobs as a soloist in Austria, Spain, France, Romania, Russia and Germany, and toured India and toured Africa in 2010-2012, Miky Anton finally brings his first solo debut single MORNINGSTAR on the international market.

The story behind the song

“While a man is having a phone conversation with a women who he wants to be with,he remembers pictures from the past time where a general dies in an attempt to defense the stronghold of his beloved Queen.Scenes of fight d unfulfilled love.The general and the queen cannot be together.Coming back in the present time with the counciousness, the man realizes that he has now a new chance to be with the “Queen” together, who in modern times is the women whom he talks with.Is he going to be with her together in a couple?The future will give an answer…..When?….. when?


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