Partnering with Musik Radio Promotions,Froggy Mix Featuring Snoop Dogg
with C’est Party is tearing it up on world radio.

Froggy Mix is the Europop sensation fronted by electronic dance scenesters pascal Caubet and Gibo Rosin. Together with vocalist Bettina, Froggy Mix combines energetic dance-pop and sugar-coated electronica for a younger audience. Their debut single, “No Nagging,” was an international chart-topper across Europe. The song hit number 12 on Billboard’s EuroChart Hot 100 Singles in early 2001, but its initial rise took off due to the popularity of the Japanese cartoon Sakura CardCaptor and Froggy Mix’s cheeky pop theme song “No Nagging.”The name of the project emphasizes with humor its French origins.The video of No Naggin Anymore was shot in 2 parts : they first filmed Bettina and her dancers against a unite background, then the technicians worked during 3 weeks on the animations and special effects. The second single Razzmatazz was then released and it became quickly a hit.

“Froggy Mix is launching her last dance duet featuring the famous rapper Snoop Dogg The rap legend with the 90 millions albums sold in his carreer put once again his unique groove and attititude  in this dance chart  hit ‘C’est party’.Well-known for his legendary hits “Who am I”, “Beautiful’, “Still DRE’, working alongside with other superstars likeDr DRE, Pharrell, Kid Cudi and  David Duetta, Snoop Dogg now collaborates with Froggy Mix for this new funky sounding dance hit!…

This is the first single from the new album “My heartbeats to the sound”..


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