Musik and Film Records are proud to announce the signing of illacrimo to management, ” I had the honor of sitting on Musik and Film’s working group, a beautiful dream for a band like us..they know music, they live with music, and they can help you. I am delighted to be one of them.” Not just another rock band, releasing their music to gain international airplay through Musik Radio Promotions was a perfect liaison.

With 4 songs: “Chains in the cold”, “1000 reasons to?”, “With one’s own eyes” and “Recluse” which were in the Top 20 Euro Indie Music Chart, Davide-Kristof (son of Janos Acs, the Conductor) and Federica Sara have perfected the combination of “iLLacrimo.”

illacrimo are the perfect band for the post-genre world, wandering effortlessly as they do between musical styles. Whilst they have one foot firmly planted in a slick alternative rock vibe it is what they gather around that which sets them apart from their peers. Pop awareness, classical deftness, and electronic exploration all make this a lot more than just another rock band.

They trade in a rich, dense sound and although they embrace all that the modern age has to offer in terms of technology, studio production and equipment, at the end of the day they stay true to the spirit of rock and roll. It’s a sound built on big riffs, accessible, soaring, melody-driven songs, deep-rooted grooves and thunderous backbeats. In short, it’s a big show just waiting for its turn to be unleashed on the big stage.

Dynamics rise and fall, built from subtle breakdowns, soaring vocals or euphoric guitar lines, past-referencing interludes or mood shifting drum patterns. A glorious celebration of what modern rock music can be. The less is more years are behind us if done correctly, and this certainly is, more is more can definitely be the way forward.

They are a band who have worked out that the wheel doesn’t need re-inventing, it just needs a clean up, re-treading and some fancy rims then taken out for a spin to leave some indelible and unsightly marks all over the road, possibly invoking an angry letter to the local newspaper. Hang on, it is going to be one hell of a ride.


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