I am asked this question on a regular basis by aspiring artists searching for radio airplay. My answer is based on 30+ years of experience in the music business and running a successful radio promotions program.

Does audio quality matter when it comes to presenting your songs to industry professionals?

Audio quality is everything!  It is the difference in a song being heard and played or thrown into the trash. If an industry professional receives a piece of music that is not properly recorded, mixed or mastered, they generally will throw it away.  This is the first sign to the industry professional that you are not a pro and are wasting their time. 

If you want to succeed in the music “business” – that’s right I added the word  “business” to music as this changes everything – you must be prepared to present your craft as professionally as possible.

Leave your ego at home – there is no place for it in the music business.

Stay tuned to this blog post  as I delve into this very important subject matter!


By: Stephen Wrench


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