This past year has been a whirlwind of activity for DawgGoneDavis working with Wolf Digital and Musik Radio Promotions getting her music played round the globe. Her blend of rap, hip-hop and alternative pop has received accolades of a modern take on hip-hop beats and electronic pop grooves

Writing since the age of 6, “DawgGoneDavis”, says, “ my creativity shows up in writing and folks to have an image come from the words, plus I am a ham and love to make folks laugh.”

Her style is certainly well loved as all of Europe, Asia, South America, and even Russia are digging DawgGoneDavis’ lyrics and Rap Style.   Check out the numbers, they don’t lie; Middle Age Woman Hip Hop Style #1 on the Euro Indie chart , Butt on Fiya #8, Forever Music Song #11, Anthem Pandemonium  #3. And that’s just the beginning.

We all know what they say about judging books by their covers…don’t… and never was this more true than the wonderfully named DawgGoneDavis. She may sound like some sort of old time country singer but the reality is that her blend of rap, hip-hop and alternative pop is probably as far from such a notion as you can probably get. But even if you think that such urban based generic references mean that you are able to pin her down, again she is not as easily pigeon-holed as those labels might suggest.

Whilst she does employ a modern take on hip-hop beats and electronic pop grooves, it is her lyrics that make her stand out. Rappers are often spinning self-aggrandising lines about how eloquent and cool they are when it comes to writing their message, but no one, I mean no one, does it quite like DawgGoneDavis. With a refreshing mix of self-deprecating honesty and wonderful self-reflection she looks at her life and the world around her with the inquisitive eye of a slightly older women. Teen rappers might wear all the right brands but their world experience is so limited that they tend to talk in cliched rhymes. Not so DGD!

Not only is she able to talk about everything from breast cancer to unemployment to the idea of partying with renaissance cultural icons, she is able to do so in a way that is both clever and hilarious, satirical and slapstick and in doing so will find favour with audiences of all ages. Maybe being uncool is the new cool, being unfashionable is the new fashionable. If DawgGoneDavis is anything to go by then this is certainly the case.

Follow DawgGoneDavis as she embarks on her new adventures as her goals are to “keep all the fun loving countries in Europe, South America, Japan plus Russia laughing and thinking.  Now, more of the USA will know why I’m a hit with unique lyrics. I will tour a lot, give talks regarding  my life after cancer’s double mastectomy and sell my 3 books for charity.  

DGD is well on her way to being remembered as the interesting, whacky, fun performer, a destiny for which she was born.