Have you ever skinny dipped in a cow trough? One can’t stop grinning through David Cooler’s “Country To The Bone”! Enjoy!

David Cooler writes, “My music spans several genres and my ‘stories’ churn out a soulful southern rock music mix which has a country, R&B and bluesy style. My music is a form of self-expression and communication, not style. It flows from within.”

“I would have to say that my family has been my biggest influence or inspiration, particularly my mother. For anyone that really knows me, it would not surprise them much. This is because I am not unlike many other country boys who are themselves because of where they came from — I am a self proclaimed ‘mama’s boy’. Yep that’s right, I admitted it and with no reservation!”

To find out more about David Cooler’s music please visit http://www.davidcoolermusic.com/

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