“The un-forgiven please stand up, with the hate in your eyes.
Tell the whole world who you are with no compromise.” – NAH From Heroes To Angels

Cinderella Records signs enigmatic power band “Never A Hero” to a worldwide distribution deal and prepares for mass invasion!

Like a Vietnam Vet suffering Post-Traumatic Stress disorder in the middle of a too close helicopter fly over induced flashback, ‘Never a Hero’ blasts through the foggy haze of your self-induced digital world coma and rocks your brain sideways against your skull. You jolt from your softly cushy office standard issue chair and grab the frame of your laptop. Five masked figures scream through your screen, unloading rapid fire rhythms into your chest and jolting your slumbering arse from its hollow. This Suffolk, England band intrigues the first-time viewer with the odd almost gruesome masks and straight jacket wardrobe, but enthralls the listener with the exceptional musicianship and licentious response it evokes. Welding Rap to Rock and soldering that amalgam onto an Alternative platform, “Never A Hero” creates a unique sound and cuts a distinct style.

“Never A Hero” is composed of five sharply talented members whose names are as unique as the band they comprise. The band line up is Phrixus/Lead Vocals, Mickey Thin Vocals/Guitar, Kaji Lead Guitar, KB Vocals/Bass and Daisy Lai on Drums/Samples. The band formed in 2009 when members from two local bands merged together with the vision of writing something entirely different than their usual styles. In 2010 the band recorded their debut EP Socially Awkward at Outhouse Studios in Reading – UK. 2011 kicked off with the production of their second video for the single Trippin’On Speed , and a contract for their first headlining tour in the UK with legendary band Wolfsbane. The bands video has passed 1 Million plays on MySpace and has over 10,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter.

With the ink barely dry on the contract with Cinderella Records, “Never A Hero” totters on the edge of what is undoubtedly the defining moment that history will adduce “the beginning of it all”. The hunger, drive, talent, ambition, passion, voice and spirit of this band leaves no doubt about their dreams of mega stardom and following their own words, “What you get is what you earn” (From Heroes To Angels) we can assume they will all come true.  -Andrea Adams

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