A long-time partner with Musik Radio Promotions, Ajay Mathur, the internationally acclaimed and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter releases the digital single “Feel-Good Songs for Hard Times” with two catchy, upbeat and celebratory feel-good songs for times like these.

These are extraordinary times. Times when we are asking ourselves the hard questions about what is important in life. We are confronted with a pandemic, climate change, unrest and division like never before. If nothing else, recent times have shown us how dearly we need human connection and closeness. Most of all, we need to somehow feel good again.

With that pursuit of positivity in mind, Ajay Mathur collaborated during the pandemic with artist from different cultural backgrounds to create several feel-good songs for hard times like these. Ajay is releasing two of them as a digital EP “Feel-Good Songs For Hard Times”:

A-Side. “I Need You Now”

– a powerful new song about connectedness and positive human relationship. “I NEED YOU NOW” is a “feel-good” song bursting with melody, groove and positivity. Ajay mixes, in his unique way, his rock-music world with the magic of the Indian Sitar, played by the Sitar master Kalyanjit Das, and Tablas, played by Sandip Banerjee. These blend perfectly with his driving guitars and infectious harmony vocals of Adriana Husy & Patrizia Scarnato, which further fuel the celebratory mood.

“If nothing else, recent times have shown us how dearly we need human connection and closeness. Admitting that we are vulnerable or lonely is not always easy, but the rewards can be great. ‘I Need You Now’ is about stepping over our shadows and saying it out loud. I need you. Now! “

– Ajay Mather

B-SIde. “Let’s Come Together”

– an anthem of unity, compassion and respect, which Ajay co-wrote and co-sang with the Afro American Blues singer Paul J. Miles. ‘Let’s Come Together’ is a song about what really matters. It is about the strength that people find when they focus on what binds them and when they understand that gratitude, compassion, respect, friendship and love are what make us uniquely human and capable of doing great things. Together.

Ajay Mathur is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter whose latest album “Little Boat” was voted English Album.of the Year 2018 by the German Pop Foundation. Ajay has an active fan-base and receives excellent international accolades.

Musik Radio Promotion Services has been a proud promoter of Mathur since 2015 with the release of “9-3”.