BING’s  latest single, Heat, sounds like nothing less than a blast from the golden age of hip-hop. The Hit recently scored play on US Top 20 Countdown along with charting on World Indie Music Charts being promoted by Musik Radio.

Joseph Guillory aka BiNG has been writing and producing music since 1998. He has a following that is steady and building. BiNG lives in Houston, TX USA and is known to make the “beat” work.  BiNG sees himself as “just an all around good guy that has lived past the trouble”.

The clever thing is that you can hear that BiNG is working with the latest sounds, samples, and studio techniques but he puts it all together in a way that echoes the nostalgic sounds of the genres formative years. It is modern music, of course, it is seeking a contemporary audience, and why would it not? But the result of his musical blending and weaving, mixing and matching feels like a powerful punch from hip-hop past, meaning that whilst he is likely to appeal to the cutting edge, hip-hop fan of today, his music also resonates with the genre’s aficionados and fans of the more old-school vibe.

After all, that was a time when the scene was driven by invention and adventure, when artists were not just making the music but building the technology and tools that made everything possible. The great thing about Heat in particular and BiNG, in general, is that he is an up-to-the-moment music maker but he hasn’t lost that sense of wonder and passion that fuelled those early sonic pioneers.

Heat is a great mix of punch and poise. It is anthemic but deftly cut. It echoes the sound of the past but looks to the future. Hip-hop may have lost its way lately, with hordes of bedroom wannabes unleashing music that seems to follow the same template. But through this conformity, BiNG cuts a swathe of creativity and cool, urban swagger and infectious beats.

It looks like hip-hop is back on the menu!

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