Fun Facts: Through Musik Radio Promotions, iLLacrimo reached the Top 10 on the Euro Indie Music Chart. They also received a Grammy nomination in the category “Best Rock Song” at the Grammy Awards in 2017.

Single Releases


After a long journey through different musical and life experiences, two young minds found themselves in the summer of 2012, almost by accident, in a foggy and gloomy wasteland located between Turin and Milan. David-Kristof Acs (son of the Hungarian Maestro, Director of conductor Janos Acs) and Federica Sara Falletta (former backup singer Rai), gave life to a project by European sounds, not to mention a certain melodic Italian culture. The mix blended perfectly into what would become “Illacrimo” in 2013.

Thus began a collaboration that will lead to the release of their first self-titled EP in 2014, registered in Italy at the pressure level of Andrea Cataldo Studio in Milan and mixed at Fastermaster London studio beneath Matthew Cifelli (Betty Poison art direction, Il Divo, Helene Fisher, Mike & the Mechanics, etc …).

In January 2015 under Resisto distribution, the EP of Illacrimo began to make inroads, collecting rave music on a lot of magazines and Italian / foreign web (Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Rockerlilla, Metal Maniac, All Music Italy, etc. …)

iLLacrimo also played in the popular Decibel Magenta part of Tuborg Club circuit for the debut of their project.

In February 2015 they released the music video “Chains in the cold”, shot and directed by Matteo Cataldo and Samuel Dalò of Trees Home – Milan.

In May 2015 their song “Chains in the cold” was chosen from ‘Arcigay-Valsesia Vercelli as the soundtrack of the event organized for the World Day against omotransfobia.

In April 2015 they opened at the Milan Legend Club to Canadians and Sumo Cyco later the Illacrimo and were hosted for an interview in the studios of Radio Lombardia on the Rock Line program hosted by Marco Garavelli.

To August 2015 they are chosen to interpret a “cameo” in the TV series “Alex & Co” for Disney Channel – Sky Italy.

In December 2015 they won the award signed by Vittek Records “special mention” in the fourth edition of “The best songs helps Hunger” organized by The Fame Discs.

They enter the Top 200 ranking by Euro Indie Music Chart in collaboration with AudioCoop.

In the same month the record company CDF Records promotes their song “Chains in the Cold” at European level, choosing between new musical proposals for the radio circuit Italian and foreign.

In February Kimmi Rudolph does enter his podcast “The Metal Deli” the Illacrimo who win the third place in the ranking of the bands songs transmitted from around the world with the single “Chains in the cold”. The song will be rotated for a week on more than 20 Internet stations.

Between April and July 2016 four deiloro songs: “Chains in the Cold”, “1000 Reason to”, “With one’s own eyes” and “Recluse” joined the Euro Indie Music Chart, two of these (With one’s own eyes and Recluse) in the top 20 entering in the prestigious European indie podcast Top 20 Countdown Show.

A June 2016 opening artist of international renown NEIL ZAZA the Italian date of Biella at Dragon’s Pub during his European tour.

Their song “With One’s Own Eyes” now you can find it in all digital stores around the the globe: iTunes, Amazon, KKBOX, Gaana, Yandex Music, Rockit, etc … signed Musik and Film Records and distributed by the circuit Sony world wide!

They received a Grammy nomination in the category “Best Rock Song” at the Grammy Awards in 2017.

In January 2017 enter the Top 10 Ranking of Euro Indie Music Chart with the song “Chains in the cold”.

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