Des Cox has held a marvelous career in screen animation as a creator, writer, producer and director, even introducing new developments in the field of animation. His work was greatly influential in the efforts of Jim Henson, the creator/producer of the Muppets and Sesame Street.
Des’ work as an animator has certainly been a great aid in his communications through music. He has a world of experience in comedy, film, music, and television. In a recent press release, we get to preview five tracks from his album A Little Ray Of Happiness. One of the songs that have received widespread attention from the project is In My Day.
In My Day is a bright upbeat hummer that is infused with cabaret overtones. It was written to make people laugh and reflect much of the innocence that was prevalent during Des Cox’s youth. The song also has a great animated music video that connects the pop tune with a nice visual.
Summer Rain is a folk ballad that is led by acoustic guitar and colorful lyricism. It’s a song that encompasses the search for happiness that many of us spend their entire lives seeking. Summer Rain captures our hearts with its soft melody and brisk vocalization.
Silence begins with the pleasurable of birds in nature that leads into a soft folk-rock offering. The song has a very crisp structure and seems to be reminiscent or partially influenced by the Beatles’ White Album and its bare instrumentation.
Here I am is glowing love song that stretches the deeper meaning of life’s ultimate happy ending between chords. Again, we find acoustic guitar on the front end of the tune. Accompanying strings present an overcast that greatly enriches the direction of Here I am.
At The End Of The Day is a tune that is said to date back to the 15th century and adds an extensive note of optimism that permeates throughout project. Des Cox makes good on this prayerful prose that are accompanied by backing angelic harmonies. It’s a timeless piece and works well with the album’s theme.

A Little Ray Of Happiness by Des Cox is a very uplifting album that is both reflective and a good motivator on how to get back on track in these turbulent times. Those who are fans of 60’s pop will certainly find this album to be a collector’s item. A Little Ray Of Happiness is embedded with timeless artistry and a message that the human family needs to hear.

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