Chris St. John


Independent music artist Chris St. John recently came out with the track, ‘Hey Siri’ that captures the technological plight of the modern world with a musical edge.

The streams of independent music through compelling guitar riffs are being presented by music artist Chris St. John. The artist is humorous and unapologetic with his creative freedom in the verses of his newly released song, ‘Hey Siri’. The track captures the essence of the modern world which sometimes seems blinded by the extravaganza of technology. The song points out how the generation is completely immersed in various electronic devices with social media as the biggest propeller of this wind of change. The groove transcends across an Africana and Caribbean groove seasoned with the influences of folk, soft rock, country, and Americana.

Artist Chris St. John collaborated with legendary producer Stephen Wrench for his latest single, ‘Hey Siri’. The track also comes with a captivating music video and will be featuring in his upcoming album called, ‘Fly Away’. The artist is based out of Long island currently who is a professional legal servant. However, the music flows in his veins naturally which led to an explosion of inspiration, and thus, the song came into being. Listen to the track and follow him for any latest updates on YouTubeSpotifyFacebookTwitterInstagramSoundcloud, and his official website.

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