AV Super Sunshine has been living the peace, love and rock ‘n roll life and has a solid string of hit songs to show for it. The artist is best known on global radio for his songs “Baby Goodbye” (#5 DRT Global AC Airplay), “Apple” (#12 DRT Global Rock Airplay), “Candyland” (#17 DRT Global AC Airplay), “Orange” (#18 DRT Global Rock Airplay) and X File 8675309 with Tommy Tutone (#40 DRT Global Rock Airplay). His down-to-earth persona, contagiously positive perspective and unique blend of pop, rock and EDM have gained him hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

On his romantic, high spirited new single “A Wedding Song,” AV Super Sunshine rewards our devoted listening with a joyful invitation to time travel back to 2017 to experience the bliss he and his wife/partner in all creative things Philomena enjoyed on their beautiful wedding day.  The sweet, upbeat and infectiously jangling track is truly a universal message of hope to a world in desperate need. Coinciding with its official release date, AV Super Sunshine is set to share acoustic performances of “The Wedding Song” on a multitude of prominent TV outlets, including “CBS Saturday,” “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and the “Tamron Hall Show.”

Hooking our ears immediately, “The  Wedding Song” finds AV Super Sunshine wishing he could go back and be an attendee at his own wedding.  “I like to write songs and lyrics which are real to me,” AV says, “words that I will be able to sing for the rest of my life because they are true. When the opportunity came up a few years ago to write a wedding song, I took it.  Philomena and I were celebrating our first wedding anniversary and the gift theme was paper.  I’m not much good at paper crafts so I decided to write her a song. “

“As a gift, a wedding song made sense,” AV Super Sunshine adds. “Philomena and I had reminisced many times during our first year of marriage about how much we enjoyed our wedding ceremony and reception and how great it would be if we could relive the day’s events with our friends and relatives. This gave me the idea for a new wedding song that that could be relevant whether you are single looking forward to your wedding day or if you are already married and looking back at the day in fondness and remembrance.  A joyous song of celebration with no gender references helping make it truly universal. It’s a song which captures the way Philomena and I feel looking back at our joyous day – and it’s also a song for anyone who has ever experienced or will experience the simple joy weddings bring.”

The best way to explain the song “Candyland”is to compare it to the children’s similarly titled “Candy Land”board game. “Candy Land” is a simple racing board game that requires no reading and minimal counting skills.  Due to the design of the game, there is no strategy involved.  Players are never required to make choices, just follow directions.  A “winner” is predetermined only by the shuffle of the cards.  That’s what being on some antidepressants feels like.

That’s what it felt like to me and why i went cold turkey and wrote the song.  I don’t recommend going cold turkey to anyone, but maybe with the help of a professional, another human like me, could get weened off their drug.  At very least, I hope this song and message can help someone, somewhere get better.

Thank you so much for your support.


AV Super Sunshine

Rock Mix Credits:  AV Super Sunshine (lead vocal/guitar), Michael Bradford (bass), James House (guitars/vocals), Brad Pemberton (drums), Andrew Higley (B3 w/leslie), Kim Flemming and Kim Mont (vocals).  It was produced by James House and recorded and mixed by Joe Costa at Ben Folds RCA Victor Studio A, Nashville.

Radio Mix Credits:  AV Super Sunshine (lead vocal), Michael Bradford (bass/guitar/moog/vocals), James House (vocals), Andrew Higley (B3 w/leslie), Kim Flemming and Kim Mont (vocals).  It was produced, engineered and mixed by Michael Bradford at Chunky Style Music, Los Angeles.

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