Originally from Jamaica, I started singing and writing music professionally 5 years ago after a life changing event almost drove me to suicide. My father got romantically involved with my girlfriend, kicked me out of our house and family company for her, then shortly after she was pregnant and they got married. A few months passed during which I barely hang on to my sanity but my depression got worst especially with the academic pressures of being a medical student. At my lowest point my grandmother, whom I was living with at the time, encouraged me to go back to my roots and find a way to express my emotions I was keeping to myself. Her words led me to rediscover my voice and talent to find a deeper purpose for it all,

Rock - Pop - AC


I used it as a form of emotional therapy to express feelings that I couldn’t express in a conversation with a therapist. After months of training and developing my craft I decided to drop out of Med School and venture to LA to pursue a career in the arts in 2017. While in LA I found a record label, Tree4ort Records, that I decided to collaborate with to work on my album ‘CRUELTY’. Away from the homophobia of Jamaica I was also free to express another side of my sexuality that I had to keep buried deep, I started having romantic relationships with men until it eventually led me to find love in the eyes of a guy. The song, HUSH, is from the upcoming album ‘CRUELTY’. This album tells the story of the ordeal with my father by empathizing the experience to the audience through emotions rather than words, as each song represents a particular emotion I experienced on my road to recovery.

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