Amy Sinha’s, You Make Me Believe,  A vibrant, up-tempo Contemporary cross-over love song charts on Top 40 US and Europe 30 weeks!

Born in South Wales, Amy, the youngest of three sisters, has been surrounded by music and instruments.

This solid grounding in Jazz, (with influences such as Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald), and a voice that has been described as ‘silky-smooth’ caught, the attention of some of the best Jazz musicians currently working in the UK.

Although Jazz has been her first love, Amy also indulges in soul, RnB and World music, always keen to fuse various styles producing her own fresh and unique sound.

In 2012, Amy released her debut album titled, ’A Sin With Love’, in which all the songs were self composed. Since releasing her album, Amy has appeared and performed on many different radio stations in the UK & Europe, including BBC Radio Wales & Radio Ara in Luxembourg!

In 2016, Amy’s single ‘In My Mind’ reached number 4 in the World Music Stage Top 10 Countdown and number 9 in the Euro Indie Top 20 Countdown.

Amy’s musical journey continues with her latest single, ‘You Make Me Believe’. A vibrant, up-tempo Contemporary cross-over love song, perfect not just for Valentine’s Day, but all year round!