Please Go Home

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NZ’s pop artist, Renee Therese releases ‘Please Go Home’

November 5, 2013
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Renee Therese,  an adult contemporary pop artist from Palmerston North, New Zealand, recently  finished recording a new EP.  The release, “Please Go Home” was with the help of the Musik and Film production team team. Musik Radio Promotions has since released to a worldwide radio campaign to 150,000+ stations in 104 countries with the single immediately being picked up by the BBC and many others.

Therese is also making headway on the local front, with Stu Frith of  SeaBreezeFM  exclaiming, ” Fantastic Local artist looking good that’s for sure… “

Therese is an experienced performer who has been singing in front of an audience for the past 20 years, getting her start at a local Country Music Club at the age of twelve. Since then, Renee has had many great singing opportunities including four television performances on popular New Zealand shows. Her career highlight was singing her original music LIVE on The Good Morning Show (NZ) in 2012. That was until recently, when she began working with Musik and Film Records.

Musik and Film Records believe, ‘Please Go Home’  is the first of many more great songs by Renee Therese.


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