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Great Love a New Song With an Old Message of The Meaning of Christmas

December 14, 2013
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Great Love is a fresh new song with a message of the  meaning of Christmas. Delgado has parterned with Musik and Film Records to deliver that message.

Milton Lopez Delgado, writer and performer of the song,  believes it’s important to send a message that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of  the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It’s a message the singer/songwriter delivers in English and Spanish. And apparently, it’s a message that has resonated around the world as Great Love immediately began receiving airplay with a worldwide campaign by Musik Radio Promotions.  It is playing on thousands of stations including some major BBC stations.

Milton was born in  East Bronx, New York in one of those ol’ tenement apartments that had fire escapes; there were no elevators, and two bathrooms at the end of each of the five floors which the families had to share. There were telephone party lines; you would have to wait until your neighbor completed talking before you could make or receive a call. The advent of television was just about ready to make its mark. They were a family of 8 and after living in the tenement for a few years, his  family moved to a house in the Pelham Bay Park area of the Bronx.

Milton grew up singing and by his twenties was signed to Carton Records as “The Paramounts”.  The  group recorded, “Trying” B side “Girlfriend” followed by, “I Know You’ll Be My Love” B Side, “Christopher Columbus”, which are now collector items.

Milton still sings with the group to this day, however, he says, ” my heart and soul is in my inspirational songs. Getting the message of Jesus Christ proclaimed using the talent I was blessed with is my main objective.”



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