Graham Sclater


An accomplished songwriter and musician, Graham Sclater, has been featured in arts and musical programmes and performed and recorded with many artists including Jimi Hendrix, Fats Domino, Ritchie Blackmore, James Taylor, Elton John, Christine Perfect, Tony Ashton and numerous name musicians. Many of his songs have won competitions in France, Spain, Gibraltar and Japan as well as being recorded by artists around the world. Keen on artist management Graham successfully signed artists to CBS, EMI and other worldwide labels.

He has spent many years combining his production, publishing work with the management of his artists. Signings to the company include girl band Eye Spy, Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden), Harambe from London, Billy Curtis and Red i from Exeter and Feddy from St Petersburg, Russia, Mark Fojo and Simon Galt from Trinidad. The most recent signings are pop reggae artist MXT, Kotadama from Australia and blues singer/guitarist Jay Tamkin. Graham has produced records in varying styles as diverse as punk, folk, country, heavy rock and MOR in studios as far afield as Trinidad and Jamaica. Many of these productions were released on the Tabitha Record label in the Benelux, Spain and Japan and major or independent labels around the World. Graham’s production credits have resulted in hit records by many artists. Graham can frequently be heard on radio talking about music, the music industry and his long running series “The story behind the hit”.

Graham has worked on many songs including:

And Many More