Fun Facts: Currently Trivellor has an agreement with Music & Film Promotion to promote their title track “Wild Faith” worldwide. This song describes a woman who carries ahead her ideals in a world full of superficiality and individualism through her faith into the simple things like the trust in others and the love.

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Inspired by great singers of the 80s and the most important bands in the history of hard rock, their goal is to show sensuality and eroticism along with the power of rock. Two and a half years (and two  bass men) later they produced their first self-made video clip. It was a tribute to Joe Cocker, covering his song “You Can Leave Your  Hat On” in honor of him after his death in December 2015. After this they acquired bass player “San Francisco Disco” and this set their official line-up. And thus the band was complete!

These wild rock boys got a lot of practice for several months together to compose find  their own style. In September 2016, after 30 live-shows during the summer, they recorded their first self-made album “BeWoman.”


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